Online Video is The Wave of the Future in Content Marketing

A recent article on states that “By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco” Imagine that! Imagine going onto your favorite website and instead of reading the top stories you watch them all on video. It’s happening faster than we realize, and that’s why it’s time to get in on the video marketing game right now.

One of the main purposes of social media marketing is to put a more personalized spin on business. Today’s marketing differs greatly from that of the past where merely throwing up a sign or two around town for your latest sale was called advertising.

Now we have the ability to advertise not just to the people in our community but to people across the country…and across the world.

The one aspect to marketing that we need not lose sight of though is that personal touch. People want to know who they are buying from and a little backstory to the business. It’s one thing to read copy on a website but a very different thing to actually hear the voices of the business owners as they explain their inspiration, hardship, and successes that have gotten them to where they are today; selling their finished product to you the consumer.

So you see, video marketing isn’t just the latest trend, it’s a must-have. YouTube receives over a billion unique visitors every month…every MONTH! That is more than any other social media site, not including Facebook. If you are not marketing your business through video on YouTube, you are missing out on reaching those billion visitors.

And it doesn’t stop there. Videos are the most shared item on social media today. Produced correctly with the right amount of creativity and humor, your business’s video can go viral in no time. Just take a look at some of the top viral ad campaigns. Kmart aired a commercial that then went viral entitled “Ship My Pants”.

As you can see, the creative use of a play on words went a long way to get Kmart’s point across and caused viewers to smile and chuckle, making it a great video to post on friend’s Facebook timelines. Score one for Kmart!

Another unforgettable video that went viral was a commercial for Evian water called “Baby and Me”. This is one of our all-time favorite commercials!

This is the best! Who doesn’t love babies…and dancing babies at that? This was another feel-good video that got people smiling and again made it a great video to pass on to friends and family members through social media. Evian was on everyone’s lips after the airing of this commercial and the YouTube video was passed around for months afterwards! While I realize these videos originally started out as traditional commercials, it’s their YouTube presence that made them viral. Creative content produced effectively and placed on YouTube as well as other social media sites have an excellent chance of becoming viral, thus spreading your product and message around the world for a minimal cost in a short amount of time. Sounds like an excellent ROI to me!

Think the cost of producing a video is out of your price range? Think again! Production costs have fallen dramatically in recent years with many different types of software available for you to even make your own videos at home! You don’t need to be a techie to figure it out either. Most of the software out there is pretty self-explanatory and very user-friendly.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in and get those creative juices flowing. Invite friends over to star in your productions and have a good time with it. Be creative and don’t forget, a little humor always helps. Keep your content relevant and your videos brief. Remember, it’s a marketing device not a documentary!

We’d love to hear your success stories about how video has made your business boom! Please feel free to share your stories in the comments section below.

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