The Power of Video Marketing

We live in the age of social everything! From pictures to social media posts, it seems like everything and anything is “out there” for people to access. Want a recipe for broccoli cheese soup? You could find about 1,000 different ones simply by typing the words “broccoli cheese soup” into your favorite search engine. Not only will you get a recipe, but you’ll get the full back-story of the origin of the recipe. You’ll read about how Susan’s Great Aunt Becky created this recipe for a family reunion over 30 years ago and it’s been a hit ever since. Personalization, that’s the key! Everything has become more personalized. People don’t just want a recipe, they want the story behind the recipe (whether they realize it or not). The same holds true for marketing. Let me explain…

When consumers purchase a product, it used to be that the company that had the highest marketing budget got the most business. If your name was out there the most and was best-known among the general population, your product sold well. Times have changed. In today’s world, marketing has developed a more personal side. People don’t just want to buy from the biggest name anymore, as a matter of fact, many times they tend to shy away from the bigger names in order to support smaller, more personalized businesses. I have a friend who was planning her wedding and was looking for just the right paper to use for her invitations. Rather than peruse the aisles of her local office supply chain store, she opted to do a Google search and find a small business run by two women entrepreneurs that specialized in exquisite papers. The chain store would have been cheaper, but the small business gave her the quality product and personalized service she wanted.

So what, you may ask, sold her on this particular specialty paper business? She watched a 30 second video on their website where the women briefly introduced themselves and explained the purpose behind the establishment of their business. My friend got to hear the passion in their voices, she got to see their shop and how they work behind the scenes to create the paper from scratch. She got to see the process and the human hands that went into the development of the product…the process. A 30 second video did that!

Did you know that websites that contain video are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page a web search than text sites alone? 53 times! And what’s even better, if you run a small business with a limited advertising budget, video is one of the most affordable ways to market your business. It doesn’t take long, it’s affordable to produce, and videos give people more personal insight into your business which in turn builds trust. People are more likely to purchase products from someone they feel they know and trust rather than from a stranger. Video has the power to do that for your business.

Marc Fleishhacker, managing director at WPP’s Ogilvy Consulting, explains that “Adding video to e-mail marketing boosts customers’ interaction—such as opening the email or clicking on any of the content—by as much as 200 to 300 percent,” Shut the front door! 200-300 percent…simply by inserting a video? That’s pretty amazing!

So how can someone like you get started producing your own videos for your business? Well, that depends on your advertising budget. If you have the money of course, you could hire a production company to produce your videos for you. They shoot the footage, edit content, and put together your piece for you. All you have to do is look good and promote your product. But if you are in search of a more affordable option, there are many terrific software or online video editing service options out there that allow you to produce a video for well under $50. We’ll give you a few tips to keep in mind when producing your marketing video:

Keep your video to no more than about 30 seconds. That is the length of the average attention span, so anything beyond that is probably not going to be heard anyway. Present your message and say Adios. You can always make follow-up videos!

Mix media to keep your video interesting. Mixing still images of your product in various stages of production along with video will keep the video interesting and the viewers glued to their screens.

Keep it personal. Be sure to add some type of a personal message to your video. People don’t want another sales pitch or cheesy jingle running through their heads, but a compelling story will keep them interested.

Add a little humor. Everyone loves a good laugh. Adding humor to your marketing video helps boost your likeability among potential customers and gives them a way to remember you that sets you aside from other businesses.

Prepare a powerful call-to-action. Now that you have presented your product and personal story, give people something to do with all of that information. Of course you are going to want them to take action and purchase your product. Tell them to do just that! This is also a great time to add a special coupon or discount code for only those people who have viewed your video to use on their first purchase

Be sure to include your contact information. This one may sound like a no-brainer but you would be surprised how many people get nervous when making their marketing videos and actually forget to tell people where to find them and how to purchase their products! Trust me, they are going to need this information!

Distribution, distribution, distribution. Now that all of the hard work is done, you’ve got to get your video out to every single person on the face of the planet! Utilize every resource at your disposal to promote your video. Social media, your website, online campaigns, email…even creating your own Youtube channel for your business…the distribution possibilities are endless!

Putting together a marketing video is one of the best ways to put your name, voice, and face on your product. You’re not just selling a product, you’re selling a story. Telling that story in your own voice with your own words is one of the most compelling ways to set your business apart from those who simply use traditional static sites and email campaigns.  It builds a level of trust and rapport with your customers that is important to effective marketing in today’s society and will prove to be one of the best investments you have ever made in your business.

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