Tips on Marketing Your Small Business Using Video

Let’s face it, when you visit a company’s website first impressions are important…like really, really important. For me, if I go to a site and it’s boring, the lay-out isn’t pleasing to the eye and the content isn’t engaging, I don’t even waste my time…regardless of the particular product or service the site was offering. You can try and sell me top-notch gourmet cupcakes for 20 cents each and if your website is boring, I’m not buying! The same holds true for thousands of websites all over the internet. Sites that are visually pleasing and engaging are the ones that get the most hits and sell the most products, hands down. So what is the secret weapon to winning over potential customers? Video.

There are so many great aspects of using video in your company’s marketing that we won’t even have time to cover them all in this post!

A video is an attention grabber. 

It not only relays the information about the company and the products they sell in a timely manner, but it also gives the potential customer a feel for the dynamics of the people who run the company. Instead of just reading words, they get to listen to the intonation in a real human being’s voice. Instead of having to try to interpret the attitude of the company owner through some copy thrown haphazardly on an “About” page, they have the opportunity to get a sense of the passion the business owner feels about the products and services they offer.

Many times hearing a business owner speak on a video about their company can inspire someone to trust that owner and in turn bring them their business. If, perhaps, you visit a site where there is a video present, but the owner is not very well-spoken and the video is less than professionally done, you know you should probably choose another website from which to make your purchases. The level of trust has been lowered and the potential customer will take their business elsewhere.


This post will give you a few guidelines for using video in your next marketing campaign.

One thing we want you to know first and foremost is to not let the use of video intimidate you!

There are a number of easy to use tools out there (some of them are even free) that can help you make the most of your video marketing. So have fun with it!

When you advertise, you aren’t just selling your products and services, you are also selling your story. People want to know the story behind the product, what your inspiration was, and what your goals are. Become a storyteller and give them the backstory. Make it interesting and personable. Use words that envoke a strong sense of imagery. Appeal to the consumer’s emotions; make them feel as strongly about your product as you do.

A little humor never hurt either. Take for instance Snapple. When you open a bottle of Snapple, you get a quirky little message that puts a smile on your face. I’ve seen cough drops that encourage you to use your mad ninja skills once you pop the drop into your mouth…immediately your cough goes away thrusting you into stealth mode and ready for action. Humor, if used effectively, can cause a video to become viral, spreading your company and your product to the corners of the earth! Don’t believe me? Just ask the Geico camel! His Wednesdays have become quite booked up.

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You may want to consider using video marketing to build credibility for your business.  Offering visitors something special such as a quick how-to video tutorial will not only boost your visibility because face it, who doesn’t want something for free, but it will also help establish you as a subject matter expert. People will be more apt to purchase an item from someone who can show them that they know what they are talking about rather than take their chances on someone they have never heard of before.

Our last tip is probably the best one yet.

When putting together the format for your marketing video, keep in mind that you want as many people to see this video as is humanly possible. Keep the video short, informative, and entertaining so as to increase the chances of your video going viral. We all see the vast number of videos being shared on social media daily. When you look at the content, generally it’s mostly entertaining and, oh yeah, they might be selling something. Subtle marketing…keeping things entertaining and memorable…will put your company ahead of the others and keep your name on everyone’s lips as well as their Facebook timelines. That is your goal!

Remember, video marketing is crazy-effective when done correctly…but most importantly, have fun with it!

Have you used video marketing in your business? We’d love to hear about it! Feel free to leave us a note in the comments section below.

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