Get The Word Out About Your Nonprofit With This Super Site!

You probably use this super-site numerous times per week and never thought about using it to spread the word about the awesomeness that your nonprofit has to offer. I mean if videos of cute, fuzzy kittens and dancing babies can get millions of views and shares on social media why can’t your nonprofit, right? So here it is…the super-site we’re talking about is none other than (drumroll please…) YouTube!

If your nonprofit is not on YouTube you could be missing out on reaching and engaging with literally thousands of people every day who may be interested in the work you are doing! According to an article on,

“The vast majority of US internet users (about 60%) visited YouTube at least once a week. Out of that percentage, 22% visited YouTube every day and nearly 30% visited YouTube a few times per week.”


These statistics were taken from a study done in March of 2013 that showed the overwhelming popularity of YouTube among regular internet users. What’s more, YouTube has over 1 billion visitors each month! That’s a whole lot of people watching videos! Imagine if yours was one of them!

Now, YouTube has been utilized by the nonprofit world for some time, but just like businesses, nonprofits have to have their own specific strategy to reach their target audience. Here are a few things you can do to effectively present your nonprofit to the world and amp up your engagement!

Check Out The YouTube Nonprofit Program 

That’s right ladies and gents, YouTube has a specific program just for nonprofits that is jam-packed with lots of goodies that are not available to regular users. Some of these include call to action overlays, branding tools, and a higher upload capacity. Lots of nonprofits have had great results…Find out more by watching this video!


Take Advantage of Annotations

What are annotations you ask? Annotations are calls to action that you can embed into your video that link to external sites. You can embed a statement that says “Call this number now to donate to the Red Cross” for example and list the number and website where people can donate to your cause. Annotations are a great way to get people moving and participating in whatever event your nonprofit has going on. Here is a great example of annotations. Notice the yellow banner at the bottom of the video window.


No Money To Make a Video? No Problem!

YouTube really makes using videos for your nonprofit simple and easy! If you don’t have the funding to create a professional looking video you can utilize YouTube’s Video Volunteers program. Through this program, YouTube will pair you up with a videographer that will volunteer to create your video for you!  How amazing is that?


Don’t Forget Your Tags!

As with anything on the internet whether it be blog posts, videos, audios…whatever the case may be, you want to make sure you set appropriate tags for your material. You want search engines to be able to find your content quickly and easily and deliver it to as many people as possible. Tagging your videos well will help others find your message and be able to spread it to others in no time at all!


Who Is Watching Your Videos?

 Videos can tell you a lot about who exactly is interested in your cause and what you have to offer. Keeping track of who is watching your videos is a very important way to best utilize your resources and reach your target demographic more effectively. Using a tool such as YouTube Insight (simply put, it’s Google Anyalytics for videos) can be one way to find out exactly who is watching your videos. Knowledge is power, and in this case knowing your target audience will help you increase engagement and spread the word about your awesome nonprofit!

Of course there are about a thousand different ways to spread the word about your nonprofit, but we believe that the power of video is one of the best tools out there. Have you had success using videos with your nonprofit? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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